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GoFundBD Terms and Conditions

December 22, 2018, Version 0.2

GoFundBD is a crowd-funding platform for people and organizations to raise donations or supports for charitable causes. GoFundBD’s goal is to make a platform where people will help each other to change the country Bangladesh where people will not suffer from scarcity of food, money, education, medical bills etc. This is a platform of collecting money by crowd funding to make a meaningful charitable reason successful. Currently only people of Bangladesh can raise money by creating an event through GoFundBD site. People starting a new business or his new invention or discover which can change Bangladesh or world can raise money for production through an event of GoFundBD. It is a custom-built platform, where it provides some services to users. GoFundBD has some difference with other usula donation based crowdfunding sites currently. Other crowdfunding platform provides payment gateway system and they also take responsibility for the donation collection. But GoFundBD currently offers only a service where there will be no payment gateway system and it does not take the reponsibility of the amount of donation. It will help users to create an event with users given bank account information. And all donation will go for user given bank or mobile banking account. We encourage people to raise money for their valid cause. GoFundBD will validate and review the fundraiser and will also encourage people to donate. We will accept only the fund raising requests which will follow GoFundBD’s terms, conditions, privacy policy, fees (if any) and principle. If GoFundBD thinks that the event or cause for crowd funding should not be published in this platform then that fund raising event or cause will not be published. It will be totally depending on GoFundBD’s decisions. GoFundBD will review every money raising requests. No requests can be published without verifying by GoFundBD. GoFundBD will check the category of fund raising event and make decision with its internal policy and Terms and Conditions of GoFundBD. This service encourages people to donate money to a valid place with a valid reason. This site will help any fundraiser to calculate and confirmation of donation process in a smart way. So it will let anyone turn into a freind by supporting and donating to valid place with valid reason. So help each other for a cause with easiest way which GoFundBD is providing and try to make our society, country, world beautiful.

Users to Follow:

You acknowledge that you are agreed with GoFundBD terms and conditions by visiting and using GoFundBD site and using it's services. These terms apply to you if you are a fundraiser as an individula or any organisations, donor, event organizer or any other user of the site or GoFundBD services. All kinds of users as a donor or fundraiser or any user of this site and services all must follow the Terms and Conditions of GoFundBD and if you are also take advantage of other third party services or site through this site you must follow ther conditions and rules also. If you choose to not accept these terms, we won't be mad at you but it means you can't use the GoFundBD site or the services. Since we don't ever want that to happen, be sure to contact us if you have any questions about GoFundBD services. However, to be eligible to use the services and access the site, you must: (1) be at least 18 years old, and in some cases 19 or, if you are a over the age of 13, you may only use the site with the permission and supervision of your parent or legal guardian; (2) be registered with us (for fundraisers must needed) (3) not be using another member’s account without her/his permission. Access to the site and services from territories where the site and/or services are illegal is strictly prohibited. Users are responsible for complying with all local rules, laws, and regulations regarding their use of the site and services.


1. What GoFundBD will Do
GoFundBD provides a technology platform which allows fundraisers to connect with donors by which fundraiser can easily track their donation collection. The purpose of our site and services is to help individual user or organizations raise money by providing donation tracking system. But we do not collect money for any event for any valid reason. We may help fundraiser by sharing event to its followers. Our site will publish event after reviewing fund raising cause. A review system will be followed by GoFundBD. We will try our best effort to verify any event. It will not be in strict rules. But in a different way GoFundBD will review every event. It may only by taking personal identification card of fundraisers. But GoFundBD will be transparent about its review system. Every user can check the process and review result of GoFundBD. Without our verification no fund raising will be published. GoFundBD is a for profit organizations. It may take some fee some day. But currently it does not take any money from any user. There is no charges for every donation process like other corwd funding services. As GoFundBD does not use any Payment Gateway, so we are not reponsible for the amont of donation collected from donors. This responsibility of collection money is completely goes to fund raisers. GoFundBD will provide the donation tracking system and encourage donors to donate. After finnishing of collection of donation or passing the end date of any event GoFundBD may close the event. Its GoFundBD's decision how many days the event will be existed in the site. GoFundBD can enforce users to update and close the event for any valid reason.

2. As a Member of GoFundBD
It is easy to become a member of our community by just signing up agreeing with GoFundBD terms and conditions. Although you can easily sign up or login with your google or facebook account we may contact for getting your proper information to validate.

3. Sign Up with User Names/Email
You may need a username/email address and password or google/facebook account to use certain features of the site and services and you may create certain URLs when you establish a profile, fundraiser, event, or event page. By selecting a user name and any particular URL you agree that you will not select or use a name or URL: (a) of another person with bad intention (b) do any unlawful thing which conflicts with GoFundBD law and local laws. You hereby expressly permit GoFundBD to identify you and use your information for verification purpose by your user name and information given when you are signing up. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and account, and are responsible for all activities (whether by you or by others) that occur under your password or account. You will notify GoFundBD immediately of any unauthorized use of your password or account or any other breach of security. GoFundBD has no liability for any loss or damage arising from any unauthorized use of your password or account by a third party. To give accessing your event details you can send user ID generated by GoFundBD to us and we may permit or reject the ID. It is completely GoFundBD's decision.

4. Provide Accurate Information
You acknowledged and agreed to provide accurate information when sign up and open any event through the services. You must maintain and update such information to keep it accurate. If you provide any information that is inaccurate, or if GoFundBD suspects and verification proves that such information is inaccurate, GoFundBD may suspend or terminate your use of the services and the site. We may also decline to permit your continuity use and future access to the site and/or the services. If you provide wrong information regarding you, fund raising events or if we find the donation goes to wrong person, organization or any harmful cause we will terminate with all connection and our services with you as well as we publish a fraud detection message about you for the future protection. For donors users may provide fake donation. GoFundBD can not figure out any kind of fake or correct donation. It is totally depends on fund raisers. Fund raiser must check event regularly and update all the donation confirmation. As user may provide wrong donation infromation fund raiser has to verify them and update according the verification. GoFundBD can not take any step against them and can not help fund raisers by providing the information of inappropriate wrong donations because user who has no membership or account in GoFundBD can send donation information.

5. Privacy
In addition to reviewing these terms, you also acknowledged and agreed with our Privacy Policy .

6. 6. GoFundBD,FundRaisers And Donors
By using this site you understand and agree that GoFundBD shall not be responsible for any losses or damages incurred as a result of the fundraising campaigns or events. As GoFundBD is only a platform connecting donors and fundraiser with a donation tracking system, it will not be responsible for the result of collecting money. Though GoFundBD will try to review all the events or campaigns with its best effort, donors will have to donate money taking their own responsibilities, on the other hand a fund raiser will have to agree and maintain our all terms and conditions. GoFundBD will verify FundRaisers not Donors. GoFundBD may asks fund raisers regarding their donation and act according to fundraisers total collection of donation amount.

7. Campaigns or Events
GoFundBD provides a service through the site that allows users to create an event or campaigns, such as education fees, school infrastructure, madrasa, masjid, helpless people, medical bills called as an event or campaign which will be free. But it will be published only when any fundraiser agree with all terms and conditions of GoFundBD.

8. Donation Tracking System
GoFundBD is different from other donation based crowdfunding sites or services. It is donation based crowd funding platform which connects fundraisers with donors. But there is no payment gateway included with site. Donors will donate to bank and mobile bank account which will be given by the fund raisers. After donation to that account for confirmation donors need to provide donors personal information with transaction reference. With these information fundraiser will verfiy the donation and after verification donors donation will be published in GoFundBD event details. So any donors who is not GoFundBD member can also provide donation confirmation request with information. So any wrong information needs to be verified by the fund raiser by himself. GoFundBD will not be responsible for any wrong donation information. GoFundBD encourages all donors and fundraisers to provide correct and accurate information to make event successful.

Terms for Fundraisers

Any individual, entity or organization which will be registered with GoFundBD as a member and create an event or raise fund for any cause (allowed by GoFundBD) through our service following terms will be applied to them. To create an event or campaign to raise money you are agreeing with following conditions:
1. You can be anyone related with any charitable organizations and any individual for personal or someone’s reason can create an account in GoFundBD and as a member can create an event called a fundraiser. 2. You are raising money for a cause or activity or any issues which happening around us should be legal under all applicable state and local laws and regulations 3. You must use all donated funds only solely for the reason you have created fund raising event in our site, and under no circumstances you should not use the funds for any other purpose. 4. If you are raising funds for any registered or unregistered charitable organizations and non-profit organizations through our site then you have to agree that you will comply with all applicable country and local laws and regulations of maintaining a charity. 5. You have to agree and maintain tax-exempt status under our Income Tax Act of Bangladesh. And you have to agree with all laws related with income tax of Bangladesh when you are raising money for any reason. 6. You have to be citizen of Bangladesh and should have legal authority to raise money. 7. As a resident of Bangladesh you must have a National ID Card and a Bank account or Mobile Bank Account. 8. You represent and warrant that you can meet all user eligibility requirements for the services of GoFundBD. 9. A fundraiser can create an event on only categories which GoFundBD will provide and approve to publish. 10. A fundraiser must be an authorized person with valid personal identification information. 11. A fundraiser can be anyone but he must provide evidence of residence of Bangladesh, National ID, and evidence of the relation for which he raising money, evidence of using the money for that purpose. 12. If GoFundBD find any wrong with the evidence GoFundBD can take any legal steps. 13. GoFundBD has all rights to accept and reject the reason while creating any event by a fundraiser. After getting GoFundBD approval any event can be published otherwise fundraising event will be rejected and it will not be published. 14. A fundraiser must follow the categories to raise any event. 15. A fundraiser must concern and agree with income tax laws of Republic of Bangladesh Government while collecting fund through GoFundBD services. 16. A fundraiser will follow the GoFundBD event details page and update all donation confirmation request to maintain the donation transparency through GoFundBD. 17. GoFundBD will also follow your event that you are updating donation confirmation correctly or not. This is for transparency. If any fund raiser does not approve and reject donation confirmation request correctly GoFundBD may close the event. 18. GoFundBD will not be responsible for if any harmful event happened by any natural disasters or by any outsiders. 19. A fundraiser must agree with all charges (if any) of GoFundBD while collecting money from GoFundBD. 20. If GoFundBD find any fraud fundraiser or charity in the middle of collecting money GoFundBD immediately close the event and announce of the fraud event to take cacious steps. 21. GoFundBD will have the rights to check if donation is properly used or not. 22. There will be a deadline of closing any events to fulfill the target amount. GoFundBD will contact with the fundraiser to close the event. 23. If fund is raised more than the target amount GoFundBD will have rights to close the event anytime. 24. A fundraiser must update and verify donation confirmation requests in a regular basis. If many of requests stay in incoming list and fundraiser does not check for neglegency, GoFundBD will have the rights to close the event.

Terms for Donors

Any individual or organization who will agree with GoFundBD terms and conditions and donate funds through our service can be called as donor and following terms will be applied to them.
1. Though GoFundBD will not approve any fake event or any event where money can be wasted all donations are at your own risk. Please make sure that when you donate to a given individual, Event, Beneficiary or Charity, you understand how your money will be used. When donating, only donate to those people or entities that you feel comfortable donating to or otherwise know and trust. GoFundBD will try its best to find the proper fund raising event with its review system. 2. While donating money through the site, you are agreeing with all terms and conditions of GoFundBD and laws of Republic of Bangladesh Government that any donation you make is legal in your jurisdiction. 3. Donors should not provide any wrong information. Every donor should provide exact and accurate information for the confirmation from fundraisers. 4. Donors need to donate to the account provided by the fund raisers. And for confirmation donors have to provide correct personal information with transaction reference. 5. Confirmation of donation approved by fund raisers as bank account information are provided by them. Only after approving a confirmation request of a donor's donation it will be shown in donors list and count as a donation in the event page otherwise not. 6. GoFundBDwill not take any responsibility if all or any portion of your donations are tax exempt. We will not provide any tax exemption certificate or we will not take any concern regarding this. You should consult your tax advisor as to the amount of your donation that is tax deductible or eligible for tax recognition. 7. Donors shall have to provide proper information through GoFundBD to make an event successfully complete.


Any event on which GoFundBD has proper knowledge can be accepted to publish. Categories a fund raiser can create an event through GoFundBD Civil Rights, Civil welfare, Civil Wealth Protections, Public Property Protection, Any Proper Crisis, Diseases and Disorders, Education (School, College, Madrasa, University), Humanity, Poverty, Children Development, Helpless Old People, Creative Idea, Community, Helpless People, New Business Idea, Newly Married, Masjid, Orphan etc. Above categories are the basic and common event criteria to publish an event. Though above are the categories a fundraiser can create an event or campaign GoFundBD has all rights to reject any request to create event on any reason.

Reason for Rejection of any Event

1. Sexual abusing material
2. Adult services or products
3. Pornography
4. Content associated with hate groups or terrorist organizations
5. Any kind of Alcohol, tobacco, or narcotics
6. Drug abuse
7. Offering equity or return-on-investment
8. Pyramid or ponzi schemes, “get rich quick” schemes
9 Purchases of annuities, investments, equity or lottery contracts
10. Offshore banking or currency exchanges
11. Betting, gambling, raffles, or sweepstakes
12. Exchange of unrecognized or crypto-currencies
13. Offering monetary rewards, including gift cards
14. Non-medical or violent bodily mutilation
15. Non-prescribed drug use or purchase
16. Hurtful or hateful language
17. Violent or hateful material
18. Supporting or inciting treasonous behavior
19. False, misleading, dishonest statements
20. Funding or planning an assassination, suicide, or assisted suicide
21. The purchase, transfer, or exchange of weapons of any kind including guns, knives, explosives and ammunition
22. Campaigns in support of rebel groups, militias, gangs, or any organized violence
23. Fund raiser does not updating incoming donation confirmation list regularly may defines as fundraiser's neglegency and not intereseted to make donation transparent. It causes rejection of that event in the middle of collecting donation.
24. If GofundBD thinks that any event is not appropriate Etc.