Taqwa Foundation এর লাশ কাফন দাফন এর কার্যক্রম এ সাহায্যের আবেদন।

Donation instruction

  • First you have to donate by using below account information
  • After donation you have to give your donation amount, name, mobile number and any reference info to the below donation information section and submit by pressing "Donate" Button.
  • This information will be sent to Fund Raiser, Fund Raiser will check validity by comparing with your donation information. After his approval you can see your donation in event "Donation" Tab.

Account information

bKash: 01718068370
Rocket: 017180683700
Nagad: 01718068370

Donation information

Choose donation amount

৳ 100
৳ 200
৳ 500
৳ 1000
৳ 2000
৳ 5000
You can type amount you already donated.

Payment method Bank Mobile banking Other

By donating you are agree terms and condition.

GofundBD Beta


I am giving true information of my donation to fund raiser

Fund raiser will have the full right of my donation.
If event expired fund raiser can use that money in same type of event. For example if donation for medical treatment patient expires, fund raiser can give the money to same type of event.